Calling all STEM teachers with a story to share

Apr 22 2013

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In my role as the manager for the Reese News Lab STEMwire project, aimed at creating conversation about science, technology, engineering and math education, I’ve gotten to talk to people for the last eight months involved in every part of STEM education. Undoubtedly, the conversations I enjoy the most are the ones with the people who are actually in the classroom every day: the teachers.

In reaching out to colleagues and friends to find interesting people involved with STEM education, it’s been fascinating to hear about the teachers around the country who were scientists, sailors or stockbrokers before stepping into the classroom to teach.

And through all these discussions, we in the Reese News Lab saw the infinite potential for something that was able to chart all of these varying backgrounds and reasons teachers go into teaching. We realized we wanted the stories, the wheres and more importantly the whys.

Teachers today come to the classroom from all kinds of backgrounds, from research labs to companies to education programs. And what we at Reese have learned during these months is that these teachers have had some interesting paths. We learned about the Zoo School with Mr. K, life lessons with Mr. Wright and Allison Ashton’s elementary school engineering program.

STEMpaths is our new project aimed at sharing these stories. So if you are a teacher who wants to share or you know a teacher with an interesting past, email the Reese News Lab and let us know. We’d like to get to know you.

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