Marketing strategies to promote your business

Mar 31 2014

Marketing and branding can benefit any business. Marketing informs current and potential customers about a company’s goals, activities, and products and services.

Reese News Lab has allowed me to use the marketing strategies I have learned in classes and experience, and I have also learned new marketing techniques that can help a business promote its brand. As a part of the marketing team, I am learning both business and journalism strategies that will help the Lab better understand its vision, goals, and activities as much as it can help others understand the Lab’s mission.

The Lab is a constantly changing environment from new ideas during brainstorms and strategies in business plans to new target markets and research questions. I am helping to rebrand the Lab and allow others understand the new ideas and projects the Lab produces every semester. Although we focus on diverse ideas and new strategies on a regular basis, it remains essential that others understand the Lab as a brand. Marketing and rebranding the Lab while using basic marketing strategies can help us and others understand our goals.

We are currently focusing on marketing strategies that any business can follow, ranging from social media marketing to content creation strategies.

Promote and engage your audience
Social media networks are great platforms to use while marketing your brand, especially because they allow you to engage with your current and potential customers. The Lab is currently using Facebook and Twitter to promote activities like the latest task of a team, pitch days, lab reports, and Open Lab sessions. And while promoting our own activities is essential, we have also been interacting with others. We share interesting, relevant articles by other organizations and also comment on industry-related tweets. Any company should understand its target market and then allow the audience to participate in its activities in return. Keeping an audience engaged through both marketing and interaction will help any business in its marketing efforts.

Create relevant content
While the Lab has its own goals and visions to promote, the individual teams also focus on their own goals and target markets. One of the best ways to coordinate this information is through content creation by individual team members. Our lab reports help us understand individual and team lessons, and they also teach the Lab’s target market about what we are learning and creating throughout the semester. Lab reports show our progress, our changing ideas, and the main ideas we learn about business and journalism. Content creation, such as through lab reports, can benefit the Lab and provide the audience with valuable information for their own benefit.

Branding strategies
A brand guide and other brand materials can also benefit a company and its audience. We are working on a brand guide to describe our mission, tagline, personality, projects, logos, layouts and style, and overall goals. This will help us understand the Lab during a rebranding process, and it can us promote the brand to others with consistency. Other branding materials, like flyers for educational sessions, have proven successful in our promotion efforts.

Marketing is an essential strategy for all companies and organizations, and promoting informs others about the company’s values and activities. I am excited to use and improve marketing strategies while promoting the Lab and its activities.

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