My personal thank you to IRB

Sep 11 2014

During these first few weeks at the Reese News Lab, everyone is at an all-time high. Ideas are being thrown on the wall, pitches are completed, and we form teams based on what project we’re going to be working on the rest of the semester.

Then the hard part kicks in. Where do we begin?

The first step in starting our research here at the Lab is filling out the IRB application. IRB stands for Institutional Review Boards and we have to fill out the application in order to get the go-ahead for our research. While this task can be tedious, going through the application has been really helpful in deciding how we want to further develop our idea.

Before starting our IRB application, our idea was to use FilmSync technology to create an interactive smartphone app that gives users more content from the museums they visit. But while filling out the IRB application, many questions came up. Who is our target audience? Who is this for? What is our value proposition? What are we providing people?

Right now, we’re trying to figure out the desirability of our product and whether or not people will want it. In the Reese News Lab, we’re constantly reminded that it’s all about the people. If people don’t like our product or aren’t interested in our product it will be of no use. We have to answer these questions proposed by the IRB about whom we want to interview and contact in order to formulate a target audience.

My team and I have narrowed to two target audiences: users and professionals. Users are people with smartphones who would be interested in downloading such an app as ours; professionals are those with influence in tourist attractions who make decisions about bringing on mobile technology. As we narrowed it down to these two targets, we had to think about what we want to ask them to gain more information about the success of our product.

While we’re still completing the IRB application, it’s brought up some big questions that my team and I have been faced with answering. So thank you, IRB. While filling out your thorough application, you’ve allowed us to further develop our idea.


How might we make museums more interesting?

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