Tackling global corruption: We have a value proposition

Sep 11 2014

This week, my team tried to narrow down the overwhelming problem of “global corruption.”

We started with background research on our corruption network, asking “Does anyone this?” and “Will anyone actually talk to us?”

When we started delving into foreign anti-corruption laws and American companies working internationally, we had a tentative “yes” to our questions. We talked to a former Cargill employee who worked internationally, and discovered that companies were very concerned about legal and media ramifications of corrupt practices. We have started to gather contacts in major international companies.

After some background research, we were able to draft a value proposition: We save money and minimize risk for U.S.-based international companies because they are afraid of breaking of negative media exposure and breaking foreign anti-corruption laws, by providing a web-based network providing easy-to-understand legal and cultural information, unlike activist organizations seeking to expose corruption, or compliance training which is expensive and not culturally aware.

Next week, we will finish up our IRB application and start contacting corporate managers to test our idea.


How might we address global corruption?

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