Students pitch business ideas with big impact

Aug 13 2013

Reese News Lab student teams proposed an idea for a news product that would increase government transparency, and another that would make news broadcasts accessible to Spanish-speaking audiences.

Wrapping up STEMwire: thoughts on running a digital publication

Aug 02 2013

The STEMwire summer staff reflect on their effort to create conversation around STEM using a digital, collaborative approach.

One 'node' of our Twitter map.

Twitter analytics: tracking the life of a story

Jul 22 2013

From live-tweeting webinars to eavesdropping on summer start-up meetings and broadcasting some of those gems to the world, I am convinced of Twitter’s value as an information-spreading platform.

Taking it to the streets: interviewing on-site

Jun 18 2013

What I learned in the field: Don’t be shy, and make sure your camera lens is screwed in right.

Making the most of a Twitter chat: the participant perspective

May 31 2013

STEMwire hosted a Twitter party in the fall, and learned a lot about interaction on social media. When participating in the U.S. News @STEMsolutions Twitter chat yesterday, I tried to take those lessons and flip them around to understand how best to be an active participant. 1. Introduce yourself. Tweet that you are joining the […]

How to explain the reporting process to the scientist in your life

May 16 2013

Here at STEMwire, I’m supposedly a “content expert” – code for “very interested in STEM education” but “not a journalism major,” and therefore pretty new to the reporting process and everything it entails.  I do, however, firmly believe in the importance of both science writing and well-researched, well-written journalistic pieces on science topics, and came […]