10 universities tackle media problems at first Journalism School Hackathon

Jun 03 2014

Reese News Lab and PBS Media Shift hosted the inaugural Journalism School Hackathon at the University of North Carolina on the weekend of May 31 – June 1.

Journalism School Hackathon

Apr 10 2014

The Reese News Lab will host its first Journalism School Hackathon with PBS Media Shift on the weekend of May 30 – June 1.

We're Hiring

We’re hiring for fall

Feb 24 2014

Reese News Lab is hiring for paid positions for UNC students for Fall 2014.

How collaboration makes your work better

Jun 14 2013

The reason why I love journalism so much is because it’s a field that requires you to ask questions. You don’t need to have all the answers, but you have to be willing to listen to the world around you and ask questions about what you hear.

Google Analytics: Gaining insight on audiences, content

Jun 10 2013

Part of maintaining an online news presence involves being able to calculate your organization’s reach, analyze your audiences and determine which efforts are most successful in drawing people in and bringing them back.  Google Analytics is an easy, free tool that can help you answer many of these kinds of questions. Last week, Reese News […]

Week two: How we pitched ideas for news products (with gifs!)

May 31 2013

Eight startup interns. Eleven ideas. Five minutes for each idea. Our charge: Select two viable ideas for news products to pursue for the rest of the summer. Moments before the pitching was set to start, we made nervous jokes about Shark Tank and started tweeting with the hashtag #SharkLab. Here’s the round up of what […]

Diversification: A path forward for newspapers?

May 16 2013

Greg Boothroyd needed to find a reason to stay in the mountains where he wanted his son to grow up. So he turned to Scott McLeod and found a way, albeit a very risky way. Boothroyd and McLeod decided to start a weekly, regional paper in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. This may seem […]

How to use guest speakers as reporting resources

May 16 2013

Over the course of two days, the summer STEMwire crew hosted a guest speaker in the news lab, engaged with an educator from a local science museum and participated in a conference call with a STEM initiative collaborator. Each of these interactions produced a wealth of information and interesting ideas, providing context to the current […]

Bills, bills, bills: How campaign promises translate into legislation

May 16 2013

After comparing all of the campaign promises of North Carolina legislators to the bill’s that are being passed, it seems like the majority of bills passed are just legislative logistics.

That time there was a technology apocalypse

May 01 2013

Jock Lauterer, my community journalism professor at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication, always says, “Technology will fail you.” In a recent phone interview for Reese News Lab, I experienced the wisdom of his words. I set up the interview as I normally do, using iPadio, an app on my iPhone that records […]