Lab Reports

#ReesePitch: Pitch Day Spring 2018

Apr 27 2018

UNC School of Media and Journalism students had a taste of working in a start-up accelerator during the semester in Teaching Associate Professor Kate Sheppard‘s “MEJO 463: Creating Tomorrow’s Products.” The entrepreneurial course culminated in “Pitch Day” on April 20 when the student teams pitched their digital product ideas to a panel of guest judges […]

#ReesePitch: Fall 2017

Dec 04 2017

Four teams from “MEJO 463: News Lab: Creating Tomorrow’s News Products,” presented their new media startup ideas to a panel of judges on Friday. The class was taught by Jeremy Gockel, who is the Director of Team Development and Intrapreneurship at McClatchy. You can read the team’s pitches on the Reese News Lab projects page. Thanks […]

Announcing first Reese News Lab Fellow, Melody Kramer

Jul 27 2017

The UNC School of Media and Journalism and Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media welcome Melody Kramer to theCarolina Data Desk team. She is the first Reese News Lab Fellow helping local media outlets embrace and utilize data to create sustainable business models. Kramer currently leads audience growth and development for the Wikimedia Foundation and writes a weekly column […]

Productizing the Data Reporting Process

Jul 19 2017

Great reporting is a huge waste of time. At least that’s the way it looks from a manufacturing standpoint. When we see great reporting — the kind that wins Pulitzer Prizes and awards from the nonproft Investigative Reporters & Editors — the product we’re delivered is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the […]

A problem statement for journalism

Jun 14 2017

One of the best things about Pitch Day is hearing about the problems that our teams have uncovered in the course of a semester. Some of the products from Pitch Day continue on when the afternoon ends, while others complete their runs. But regardless of the fate of each project, we can take important lessons […]

Meet the 2017 Media Innovation Fellows

Jun 07 2017

The summer of 2017 is well underway here at the Reese News Lab, with our five innovation fellows already busy developing media products that aim to be desirable for local news audiences, and feasible and viable for local news organizations to sustain. The summer media innovation fellowship is just one of several new ways that […]

#ReesePitch: Spring 2017

Apr 25 2017

If you missed the Spring 2017 Pitch Day, here’s our recap of what happened!

"If it is truly innovative, it challenges the status quo."

If you aren’t scared, are you really innovating?

Apr 10 2017

If you hop onto Twitter at any given time, you can find someone writing about media innovation, whether it’s about a new technology (chatbots) or a different business model (micropayments). These are both important changes to the media and journalism industries–but are they actually innovative? Innovative isn’t the same as new. To many of us, the word […]

Not your average media(/startup/marketing/business) internship

Mar 31 2017

Who interns at the Reese News Lab? We don’t hire students because they have the best grades, the most prestigious experiences, or the fanciest resumes.

Life after the Lab: Journalism jobs and other alumni careers

Mar 24 2017

What do our alumni do after graduation? We were excited to discover that our interns are now spread all over the world doing everything from developing news apps in England to teaching English…