JOMC 463 Spring 2014 Assignments

Below is a list of all assignments and their due dates.

January 13
DUE: Reading & Pitching

January 15
DUE: Talking to People

January 22
DUE: Pitch Your Idea
DUE: Expert Interview

January 27
DUE: Team Biographies
DUE: Idea Memo

February 3
DUE: Marketing Plan Critique

February 5
DUE: Personas

February 10
DUE: Persona Interview

February 12
DUE: Revised Marketing Plan

February 17
DUE: Desirability Memo

February 17
DUE: Basic Business

February 19
DUE: Spreadsheets

February 26
DUE: Revised Business Plans

March 3
DUE: Prototypes
DUE: Pitch Your Business

March 5
DUE: Testing Prototypes

March 19
DUE: User Testing
DUE: Gut Check

March 24
DUE: Proving Feasibility

March 31
DUE: Extras

April 2
DUE: Pitch Your Business

April 7
DUE: Revised Pitches

April 9
DUE: Revised Pitches

April 11

April 16
DUE: Outline of Documentation

April 23
DUE: Final Documentation

May 5
DUE: Evaluations