Fall 2017

Snooze Ya Lose

Connecting local restaurants with hard-to-capture college audience by helping students get out of bed and get to class on time.

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Sanctuary: Safety You Can Wear

This combination of bracelet and mobile app keeps students safe on campus.

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Bettrfly: A bettr way to connect with your local community

Helping small businesses connect with local social media influencers at a price they can afford.

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A web and application platform where users can listen to, discuss and share their thoughts on their favorite local podcasts.

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Spring 2017

Chatham Connection

Connecting the residents of Chatham County to the information they need about local development in their rapidly growing community.


A Facebook based chatbot that delivers local news content to its users in a personalized and interactive format. Users can submit questions or subscribe to receive news updates when they are available.


Events at your fingertips.


Connecting freelance writers and businesses.


We provide the communication preferences, schedules, and availability windows of North Carolina legislators, making it easier for reporters, lobbyists, non-profit organizations, and lawyers to connect with state lawmakers.


A brand new way to track reporters’ success.

Fall 2016


Obituaries already exist as a formal way for people to remember and memorialize their loved ones. Re(collection) provides a platform for people to  upload photos, videos, audio, and written stories to help memorialize more informal moments and memories with loved ones.


A collaboration-driven platform with cloud-based storage to compile the pieces and makings of a story, a working draft of the story, messages between contributors and timestamps or deadlines for moving forward. We combine the messaging services of Slack or Skype for Business with the document sharing services of Google Drive or One Drive and add an element of record-keeping crucial to any long-term project.


SweetSpot maps capacities at various locations specifically targeted toward college students to maximize efficiency and comfort. The app also incentivizes activity by providing rewards for users.


Summit is an anonymous, localized, photo-based social network. Through peer-rated videos and pictures, users can see the most interesting things going on around them. When users post photos, they can watch their post climb to the top of the feed, accumulating points as others vote on it. The network leverages advanced image recognition to provide behavioral targeted advertising.


VuRu News provides a new 3D platform where local news stations can broadcast their virtual reality content. Broadcast stations are creating virtual reality videos every day. There are also a lot of people who want to engage in the VR space in a fully immersive way. VuRu News bridges the gap between the broadcaster and the consumer.


LegalStat generates statistical reports of aggregated court data for individuals who accused of legal offenses and for lawyers who want to save time searching for court data.

Capitol Hound

This fall, a team of students worked to make Capitol Hound a better product for both journalists and lobbyists. The team designed new features, including bill tracking and bill summaries, in order to create a more comprehensive tool.

Fall 2015


Life is filled with fleeting moments. This customized book captures them for you.

The Constituents

A newsletter for local politicians that lets them know what their constituents really think.


This tool offers a world of information about study abroad programs, helping study abroad officers do their jobs more efficiently.


This app brings people to restaurants by offering discounts. In order to obtain these discounts, users must agree to stay off their electronic devices for the duration of their meal. Unplugged also provides a means for restaurants to expand their dining base and attract new visitors by advertising themselves as participants in a social experiment.


The StudenTrak wristband is a real-time connected GPS tracking device, created
specifically for school-aged children. StudenTrak enables teachers/parents/chaperones on school field trips to know the whereabouts of their students at any moment, directly on their mobile device via the StudenTrak app.


A weekly newsletter service that delivers uniquely customized local news right to you.


A a cell phone case that carries pepper spray, plus an app that records and sends information to authorities and friends during an emergency.


Fall 2014


A culturally-specific and interactive compliance training service that provides exclusive employee feedback regarding the ethical status of the company.

American Media Corps

America Media Corps is a postgraduate journalism fellowship that enables the graduates to expand their portfolio while improving community journalism in the United States.


TourSync is an interactive smartphone app that serves to replace clunky, traditional museum audio devices. Developed by Steven King of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, TourSync feeds background content about nearby exhibits directly to your phone as you walk right passed them, providing a convenient and intimate way for users to take control of their self-guided tour experience. With just a ping to your phone and swipe of your finger, you’ll be on your way to learning more about your favorite museums at a pace that’s right for you.

Teacher Talk

Teacher Talk is an online system that allows educators to communicate information about their students from year to year. With this information, teachers can create lesson plans and organize their classroom to meet the individual needs of the students.


We are an online database of job postings, internships, and advice for the UNC community. Our purpose is to foster relations between UNC alumni and current students.

Stuff Share

Stuff Share brings together the supply and demand for everyday items by allowing people to share items they have, but aren’t using, with others who need items they don’t have, but would use. Stuff Share provides an interface through which owners and renters can communicate effectively and professionally, without having to personally organize the transaction themselves.

Kids’ Table

A way to engage kids with food. Kids Table educates and trains kids how to make their own food.

Summer 2014

Legal Stats

LegalStats offers automated statistical reports on the likelihood of getting out of your legal offense. It aggregates over 13 million cases from the North Carolina court system to come up with an expected outcome that is personalized for user.


Kindsite is an interactive platform that enables local nonprofits in North Carolina to communicate their most vital needs to the community.

Powering A Nation Newsdesk

Powering a Nation will shed light on energy use in the Southeast and the implications it has for society by presenting stories through visually attractive media.

Spring 2014


A site that generates a searchable database and local dialogue on North Carolina judges. YouJudge presents comprehensive and responsive transparency to the judicial system.

Capitol Quest

A multiplayer online game that allows users to assume the role of local politicians and gain power through strategic play against other real users. Players pass bills, make backroom deals, gain political capital points and advance to the top. Capital Quest is based on current events in the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Gamut

A digital, opinion-based magazine that changes the way readers access intelligent and interesting commentary on trending issues. It pits insightful and witty contributors against one another to cover sports, entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle and pop-culture.

Digital Forest

A consulting company that connects alumni of the award-winning “Powering a Nation” to companies that need high quality media products. It produces short promotional films and interactives from an environmental perspective.

Weather Wager

A system that enables people to place no-risk bets on the weather. Bets will focus on observable and quantifiable weather and its results, such as temperature, precipitation and school cancellations.


A smartphone application that seeks to optimize the forecast through hyper-local, crowdsourced weather reports. Users generate the content by responding to notification prompts with the weather in their area.

Fall 2013


Organizations in the media industry face a common problem: finding reliable and inexpensive freelance help. Through EmployEd, media organizations and other companies who depend on their web presence can connect to university students for their graphic design, web development, photography and video needs.

The Forum

The Forum is a subscription-based publication designed to connect inmates to each other and to their families. The Forum provides important news stories, guiding questions, vocabulary definitions, inmate-submitted work, news from home, and puzzles.

Greetings From

The world is getting smaller, but many of today’s students still lack global awareness. Greetings From is an international, kid-centric postcard service that, unlike traditional news sources, is written by children from around the world. The content is collected by NGOs and delivered digitally to subscribers both in and out of the classroom.


Newsperks is an alternative business model for media companies. It changes the way that advertisers pay for ad space and gives users a new reason to subscribe. This model serves as a solution to meager online advertising rates.

Synapse Magazine

Synapse Magazine is a student-run magazine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, investigated in the UNC J-school’s fall course, News Lab. The magazine was founded to fill the void of thoughtful enterprise and investigative journalism in our community. It is currently available for download for iPad and Kindle.


Capitol Hound

Capitol Hound is a searchable audio index and alert system for N.C. General Assembly sessions and committee meetings. Using audio indexing software, Capitol Hound makes hours of audio from the General Assembly searchable by keyword, in the same fashion as any search engine.


NewsLing offers the Spanish-speaking community a better understanding of local news. We provide a mobile platform and human translators to news broadcasters so that they can make Spanish-language audio translations of news broadcasts available.

News On The Go

Published by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill, this pioneering e-book offers tips for journalists on adapting their work to the new generation of mobile news consumers. The e-book is based on lessons learned from producing a mobile-optimized news site, WhichWayNC.


STEMwire created conversation about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education that called the audience to action and involved the user in digitally reported stories.


WhichWayNC was a mobile-optimized news site about political issues important to North Carolina residents. The mobile site explored North Carolina’s political culture, which has been in constant flux. More than covering horse-race politics, the project delved into how the state’s changing policies and practices were playing out in the community.

Pre-2012 was a hyperlocal news site that offered breaking news, sports coverage and features about Chapel Hill and the University. At, visitors found articles, photos, mini-documentaries and graphics from student staffers, as well as content produced as part of the School of Journalism curriculum. The site pushed the boundaries of journalism by harnessing the tools available only online, such as interactive graphics and social media.